Worst Crimes Ever Committed In Connection With Halloween.

Murder of Peter Fabiano

Los Angeles hairstylist Peter Fabiano was shot dead on Halloween night 1957, when he opened his door for what he thought was a trick-or-treater, but was actually a grown-up in a costume. The adult shot Fabiano in the chest with a .22 in a brown paper bag before fleeing the scene.

Several weeks later, Goldyne Pizer and Joan Rabel were arrested in what turned out to be a deftly plotted crime of passion. Pizer was friends (or possibly in a relationship) with Rabel, and Rabel was also apparently in love with Fabiano’s wife, Betty. The two women conspired to get Peter out of the equation, and Rabel bought a gun for Pizer to shoot Peter with. The arrests kicked off a firestorm of lurid coverage, as lesbians were seen as abnormal monsters with murderous urges. The two pleaded guilty to murder, and served long prison terms.


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