Worst Crimes Ever Committed In Connection With Halloween.

The Murder of Martha Moxley

The night before Halloween 1975, Connecticut teenager Martha Moxley left her house to attend a neighborhood party. Her body was found the next morning beneath a tree in her backyard, brutally beaten by a golf club.
Twenty-five years went by until Michael Skakel, who was also 15 at the time, was arrested, charged, and convicted of her murder. The case drew worldwide attention since Skakel was a nephew of Robert F. Kennedy’s widow. Because of his family’s wealth, he had lived life in and out of rehab for alcohol, trying out for the Winter Olympics, and flunking out of multiple schools.

Skakel’s alibi seemed bizarre – that he had been masturbating under that tree earlier the same night (accounting for DNA found on the body), but that he had no connection to the crime. He had a letter written on his behalf by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and after numerous appeals, he was given a new trial in 2012 due to prosecutor misconduct and poor defense. He’s currently out on bail, waiting for the new trial to start.


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